who we are

Hopkins Memorials is a locally-owned and family-operated company. Hopkins has been in business for over 100 years and has been under the current ownership for 40 years. Hopkins Memorials is conveniently located in the heart of Atlanta, Texas. We offer a wide range of memorial designs - from a traditional style to a completely custom head stone design. We provide quality memorials at an affordable price. We will meet any competitor's price if we are not already priced below theirs.


Memorials are intended to memorialize someone. It is more than just a headstone - it should reflect on a loved one's life, and here at Hopkins Memorials we take great pride in providing the skill and craftsmanship to translate that expression onto a memorial.


Bobby Caraway has owned and operated Hopkins Memorials since 1970. He has the experience and integrity that is necessary to remain competitive in the computer age in which we live. We still cut each memorial by hand and create custom designs to meet the customer's desire.

what we do


Hopkins can provide etching done by laser or hand etched by professional. We have many scenes to choose from, or you may choose photos or any design you like. Images or designs are of the highest quality and the competetive prices are dependent on the etching to be placed on the memorial. Proofs are provided before any work is completed.


We can level or raise your headstone that is leaning or sinking. Over time headstones will settle, this is something that we just have no control over; however, Hopkins does take precautions in order to aid in the long term stability of the memorial. We use concrete as a sub-foundation under every memorial we place. We can 're-set' your memorial using the same standards we use for each memorial we place. Also, depending on the condition and material, we can often remove stains and the undesired appearance to its original luster. Pricing is specific to each case. Free Estimates!

where we are

301 S Louise St. Atlanta, TX 75551

Office - (903)796-3586 | Fax - (903)796-3837